The workshops are 3-hour format discussions aimed at generating a confrontation of ideas among students. Those workshops are animated by a panel of experts that nourish the conversation and encourage participation.

The Students

Students are expected to bring their ideas and a willingness to enter discussions and share points of views with their colleagues from other universities. Each workshop has 1-2 student coordinators in charge of the administration of the workshop (contacting and coordinating with panelists), and will also have to nominate 1-2 students in charge of redacting the conclusions reached through the discussions for an internal publication.

The Panelists

The role of the panelists is to use their expertise to steer the discussions amongst students in order to arrive at conclusions and recommendations on the workshop theme within the allocated time. They also ensure that all students have a chance to contribute. It is anticipated each atelier will have 2-3 panelists for 25 students.

Workshop Themes:

The workshops will be held in English.