Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Franco-British Entente Cordiale Summit 2014, you agree to:

  • fully cooperate with the organising students at all times before and during the summit
  • abide by the summit schedule to ensure the proper functioning of the event
  • constructively and actively participate in the workshop activities
  • respect the formal dress code of the summit and of any other location used during the summit, as specified within the event program.
  • bring formal identification for any security checks (Embassy, Assemblee etc.)
  • review the information provided in the student pack (given before the summit to participants)

Furthermore, you understand that:

  • you are responsible for your safety and behaviour. This is not a supervised event!
  • the summit is in english
  • you are expected to act in a manner respectful to all summit participants. Failure to do so will result in a warning and may result in your removal from the event
  • dinners will not be included
  • in the case of unexcused absences from workshops, entry to later events at the summit may be refused with no reimbursement
  • it is not possible to have the participation fee refunded if you can no longer attend the summit. Please make sure you have the appropriate travel documents to be able to attend.
  • this is not an organised tour, we have organised transportation between venues to facilitate the summit events, but it is your responsibility to make sure you can benefit from these options.
  • your baggage is your responsibility and the organizing team will not be held liable for any loss
  • we will hold the data you provide us with for the time of the summit and for a duration subsequent to the summit to allow us to process any reimbursements.
  • if events needs to be cancelled due to reasons outside of the control of the FB-Connections, we will reimburse you to the amount possible, which may be less than the ticket price due to deductions for costs already incurred on your behalf (including reservations)
  • this is a student event