By registering for the Franco-British Finance Summit 2013, you agree to:

  • fully cooperate with the staff at all times before and during the summit
  • abide by the summit schedule, which would ensure the proper functioning of the event
  • constructively and actively participate in the workshop activities
  • respect the formal dress code of the summit and of any other location used during the summit, as specified within the event program.

Furthermore, you understand that:

  • in a case of repeated absences from summit activities, appropriate measures may be taken
  • the Certificate of Participation can and will only be issued after sufficient attendance of summit activities
  • it is not possible to have the participation fee refunded
  • your baggage is your responsibility and the organizing team will not be held liable for any loss

Use of personal data:

Your personal data will only be used among the members of the Organizing Committee

  • Name
  • E-mail address

In case you disagree with this use of your personal data, please write an email to, and we will not make further use of it.