Event Management Partners

Kannan Ranganathan is a first year student at ESSEC Business School. With a background in Electronics and Communications engineering and having mentored the organizing of TedX events in the past, he can literally do everything from fixing the communications platform (our website) to ensuring that things fall in place on the day of the event. He is currently in charge of managing our online and offline communication and student registrations among other things.

Otilia Bologan is a third year student at ESSEC and is our project manager (a pretty good one at that). She makes sure that everything happens on time and organises our weekly meetings. She is also working as an apprentice (Sector Economist) at BNP Paribas. She defines Multi-tasking 2.0!

Rafal Stepien is a second year student. He manages the corporate relations, sponsorship and ensures that we stay within our budget.

Sriram Raghavan is a third year student. He has been on the board of several student associations like Net Impact ESSEC and ESSEC India and is coordinating the different associations involved in organising the Summit.

Knowledge Partners

David Wahl is a D.Phil. in Physics, has degrees from both Imperial College London and the University of Oxford, and also a Franco-British by birth. David has been keenly involved in bringing together the student teams to organise the event and transferring experience between generations of FB-Connections participants.

Jean-Pascal Sibiet is a Sciences-Po Paris alumnus. He directs the Franco-British Comparative Project while also developing institutional ties. Since 2010, Jean-Pascal  is in charge of the Franco-British Connections (FBC)  in France. Jean-Pascal is in charge of hosting students, speakers and journalists at the British Ambassador’s residence.

Key Contributors from Partner Schools

Alison Reboud (University College, London) is a second year student in Economics and Statistics at UCL. As a founder of the UCL Think Tank Society, she coordinates the workshops for the summit. She is also in charge of the workshop on finance and development.

Charles Tetu (Sciences Po, LSE) is currently on exchange at LSE. As an active member of the FBC since 2011 and as a coordinator for the London branch, he is in charge of marketing the event in the UK. He will also be coordinating the workshop on ‘How the Euro has affected the French and British financial sectors?’.

Emilie Hermet (Sciences Po) is pursing her Masters degree in Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and a Law degree at Sorbonne-Pathéon-Assas. She lived a year in London studying at the LSE. She is in charge of the workshop on ‘Tax harmonization’ and is also involved in marketing the event.

Florian Bercault (HEC) is a student in a double degree course in Corporate and Public Management at Sciences Po and HEC Paris. He is working on the elaboration of the workshops and marketing the event.

Isaure de Zelicourt (LSE) is a third year Political Science student and will be starting her Masters in International Management program from September 2013. As someone who speaks four languages, Isaure has an international outlook. She also takes an active interest in volunteering. Isaure has been in charge of marketing and managing students from the UK.

Melanie Pinet(King’s College) is President of King’s College Think Tank, first student-led research institute in London specialised in Defence & Diplomacy, Business and Economics, Energy and Environment, Education, Healthcare and Law. She is currently studying ‘War Studies’ at King’s College and will lead the workshop “More or less financial regulation in Europe?

Kate Matthews (University of London in Paris) is the President of the ULIP Political and Debate Society. As a British student in Paris and as a student leader, she contributed with her experience in the run up to the preparation of the Summit, especially the Workshops.

Nicolas Khadivi (Imperial)

Shayli Mellouk (Sciences Po)

Amélie Desazars (Sciences Po)

Clotilde Joffet (ESSEC)

Ranjita Ravi (ESSEC)