Max Schreder

Max has worked and studied in Germany, Thailand, South Africa and China. He holds a BA degree and is qualified as Banking Professional. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Accounting, Accountability & Financial Management at King’s College London.

Views on the summit: “Thanks to a capable organising team, the Franco-British Finance Summit 2013 has to be acknowledged as a great success in many ways. Firstly, exclusive industry insight from renowned financial experts enriched the panel discussions extensively and allowed to make the most out of this grand opportunity. Lively debates not only fostered the relationship between the participants, but also led to a critical evaluation of current obstacles France and UK are exposed to. Moreover, meeting students from different backgrounds and universities made the summit a cultural adventure with great networking and socialising opportunities. An exclusive ambience throughout the occasion rounded off the agenda. Overall, the summit is a highly recommendable event to everyone looking for a stimulating academic exchange in a cooperative atmosphere.”


Nicholas Tan Zi Jun

Nicholas is passionate about markets and believe that our collective actions and opinions today shape the markets of tomorrow. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore and ESSEC Business School.

Views on the Summit: “It was a well-planned and executed event, where professionals and students around France and the UK gave their opinions and suggestions to improve Franco-British connections in the area of finance. The learning curves were steep, with experts in the field providing input on various areas, and discussions in the many workshops were active and dynamic, often developing into conclusive ideas that could be potentially shaped into policies that better the international financial infrastructure between France and Britain. I felt privileged to be part of this event and have taken much away from it in terms of knowledge and perspectives, and I am certain that many other participants felt the same and benefited as much from this opportunity of an exchange of ideas.”


Tom Wraight

Tom is a second year undergraduate student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of East Anglia. He is very keen on public affairs.

Views on the summit: “From my perspective 3 aspects of the summit were particularly worthwhile. Firstly the speakers at the summit were very enlightening and enjoyable to listen to. It was a great privilege to be able to ask detailed questions to people who had such intimate knowledge and passion for their fields. Secondly, I’ve really valued the chance to hear different perspectives from fellow students. Specifically as a British citizen, it was fascinating to hear the views of French students on positive and negative aspects of British Society. Lastly, I’m grateful to Franco-British Connections for getting me to think about some really interesting issues. The summit posed some varied and profound questions, and this made preparing for the summit and contemplation afterwards a fascinating and highly fruitful exercise. For these reasons I thoroughly enjoyed the summit and would recommend it to anyone.”


Yan Giet
Yan is a fan of TED Talks, Social Entrepreneurship and Divergent Thinking. She is a student at the London School of Economics pursuing an MSc in Economic History.

Views on the summit: “At the core of the Franco-British Finance Summit is a simple yet understated initiative.  To foster multidisciplinary interaction between French and British universities. This simplicity belies what I believed to be one of the most enriching experiences in my academic career. A two-day whirlwind event involving back-to-back think tank workshops, debating and networking events at the UK embassy. I was fortunate enough to participate in the “Happiness index vs. GDP” workshop and championed my views on the future of national welfare measurements using my prior research. In particular, I would like to praise the workshop panelists (Mika and Sridhar) whose expertise helped to facilitate a high quality debate, allowing us to arrive at a set of recommendations that may shape the future of policy-making. In short, Franco-British Finance Summit promised so much – and delivered much more.”

Photo1Olivia Lipton

Olivia is a passionate student dedicated to the study of political affairs at a national and international level. She is pursuing a degree in International Relations with French at the University of Birmingham.

Views on the summit: “This summit was a fantastic experience and was thoroughly enjoyable. It allowed eager students from many prestigious universities to debate on a broad range of areas, with the aim of improving the current situation via policy recommendations. I have developed many skills from this opportunity, as well as making excellent connections and forming strong friendships. The highlight for me was visiting the British ambassador’s residence in Paris, as this was a completely new and incredible experience which I will never forget. However what inspired me most was engaging with other participants on highly relevant topics. My main subject focus was on happiness indices vs. GDP. This gave me great insight into an significant matter, which beforehand I had not considered. I would advise any passionate student to apply for this inspirational event.”


Shas pic

Shashank Mishra

Shashank is pursuing his MBA with a majors in Finance from the Reims Management School. He has a working experience in Institutional Sales in Financial Services industry in South Asia. He also professes to be passionate about global economical and political developments.

Views on the summit: “It is an excellent platform developed by the French and British School students. The speakers and panelists enhanced the discussions with their expert opinions and experience. The participants were bright and intelligent students not just from UK and France, but from all over the world adding a global perspective to discussions. The visit to Embassy was an excellent experience and gave us a strategic perspective of the British authorities on Franco-British relationship. The partying at Soiree Prestige was amazing. The event was organised with an eye on detail. I have benefitted a lot from this event, through informative and intelligent discussions and personally by developing a very good network among bright students from UK and Frence Universities. It would simply put that the event was more than “Value for Money” experience.”


Lucile Fournereau

Lucille confesses that she feels increasingly European with every passing day. Meanwhile, she is parallely in the pursuit of being objective and trying to understand what it really means. She is an Msc in Management student from ESSEC Business School.

Views on the summit: “The Summit represents a great opportunity to confront and enrich your point of view on Franco-British cultural, financial and economic issues with the opinions of students from various countries and academic backgrounds. Moreover, through negotiations, you get the chance to try and identify today’s difficulties, improve current policies in consequence or design better ones! Be prepared to make concessions; it’s often the only way towards reaching an agreement!”