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  • The conference will be made up of a number of workshops around a theme of interest to Franco-British relations.
  • With guidance from experts, students will work in a small team to propose a project in the area of their assigned theme.
  • All projects will be presented in a short pitch presentation, which will then be collated into a post-conference publication
  • A 2000€ “Les Voisins Pitch Prize” will be awarded to the best project, to seed implementation
  • Students will be given time to work on how to take their project forward.

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  • Students will split into teams of 4 and engage in a parliamentary style debate.
  • Teams will be coached in debating, and will have an hour to prepare to support or strike down a motion with a Franco-British theme
  • Four groups will be made with 8 teams, with students participating in turn, and votes for the best team and orator of the group

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