• The conference will be made up of a number of workshops around a theme of interest to Franco-British relations.
  • With guidance from experts, students will work in a small team to propose a project in the area of their assigned theme.
  • All projects will be presented in a short pitch presentation, which will then be collated into a post-conference publication
  • A 2000€ “Les Voisins Pitch Prize” will be awarded to the best project, to seed implementation
  • Students will be given time to work on how to take their project forward.

The Students

Students are expected to bring their ideas for a Franco-British project and to read about the workshop theme beforehand. They shall have a willingness to enter discussions and share points of views with their colleagues from other universities.

The Panellists

The role of the panellists is to use their expertise to steer the discussions amongst students in order to help them to come up with a realistic bilateral project. They also ensure that all students have a chance to contribute. It is anticipated each atelier will have 2-3 panelists for 15-20 students.

Workshops Themes

Click on the workshop themes for more information about the related pitch-project and the panellists involved